‘Elevator: Source,’ an Experiment in Increasingly Meta Endurance

By , January 30th, 2012 | Gaming, Videos | 0 Comments

My wife and I had our first official date at a LAN Party back in 2002. It’s an oddly strange realization that our relationship is older than Valve’s Source Engine. In fact, I remember showing Christine the first ever E3 Half-Life 2 tech demo that showed off Source’s revolutionary physics engine. And I remember sitting there, outputting this video of barrels falling down a giant plinko wall to my bedroom TV (yep, even back then I was into building HTPCes– Christine even used to come over every now and then and watch me play Counter-Strike 1.3 matches on that old ass TV) and thinking, “Either I’m dating the coolest chic ever if she’s impressed by this tech demo or she’s a really, really good actress.”

Anyways, this is a long way of saying that I still love the stuff people still do with the Source engine nearly a decade after its creation. And yes, this is a 45-minute long video of a group of friends playing Elevator: Source, a mod that features nothing but fast paced elevator simulation.

And, because why not, here’s a trailer for Hellevator: The Bottled Fools, a movie I haven’t seen since college, which is something I need to remedy soon.

And, because we all need an extra dose of nostalgia every now and then, here’s that Half-Life 2 tech demo that gave us all boners back in 2003.

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