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Warren Ellis Explains Why Newt Gingrich Wants to Illegally Colonize the Moon

By , January 29th, 2012 | Linkshare | 0 Comments

Warren Ellis Orbiter CoverI assure you that I have no intentions of turning this site into a political forum, but I do find it fascinating when pop-culture, particularly the sci-fi side of things, and politics collide, mainly because politicians are apparently more into science fiction than the rest of us. So, if you recently saw/read about how Presidential Candidate/Lecherous Scumbag Newt Gingrich opened his latest Florida campaign with a promise that by the end of his second term there would be a colony of 13,000 people on the moon, once the dread of his second term proclamation wears off, you might have been wondering a few of the same things I was, the main question being why the hell is Gingrich suddenly obsessed with restarting our space program?

Well, as it turns out, science fiction author Warren Ellis is quite tuned into our current space program, how probable and legal a manned moon colony is, and why exactly someone like Gingrich would bring up such a literally pie in the sky scheme when there are already too many terrestrial issues to deal with. Ellis recently gave an interview to Vice’s Motherboard offshoot, and I recommend giving it a read. Here’s an excerpt: (more…)

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