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You Should Read: A 3,300+ Word Smackdown of Max Landis’ Superman Parody

By , February 7th, 2012 | | 0 Comments

I haven’t seen Chronicle yet, but by most accounts it’s a fun, innovative take on superheroes. So obviously screenwriter Max Landis’ knows a thing or two about superheroes and comics, right? I mean, surely the guy who also made a 17-minute long parody video called The Death and Return of Superman knows what he’s talking about, right? Well, our resident Superman expert Jeffrey Taylor has a thing or two to say about it.

I just love this piece. Not because I hated Landis’ video, though it does have a smarmy “It’s okay if I love something dorky as long as I point out how dorky it is” attitude to it, but because I love that Jeff points out that you can make a perfectly great parody out of the death of Superman and you wouldn’t even have to make shit up for it work.

I just wish I knew as much about any single topic as Jeff knows about the world of the Man of Steel. Back when the Wikipedia SOPA blackout was happening, I was publishing Jeff’s history of kryptonite and thought, “Well, if anyone needs to know about Kryptonite today, we got ’em covered.”

Long live nerdom.

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